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As the quantified self paradigm is evolving each day, monitoring the brain and tracking the mind is the core of this business bloom. By 2017, according research, scientific and market predictions, 64 million health and wellness wearables would be traded globally and mind control actuators would be a reality in the near future. The wearable tech industry (smart watches, wearable glasses, brain-computer-interfaces, the Internet of things, neurotech fashion) is growing each year exponentially and quantifying the self is the main goal of all these technologies and the brain is it´s main character.

Our core paradigm is the Neurofeedback model of accessing and processing the brain information in real-time and feeding it into a digital or physical interface so the client can have access to it and control it´s environment. To fulfill this purpose and act as a spinoff of what is been doing in the academia, µARTs was born to design artistic experiences, audio-visual performances, interactive installations, interactive clothes and accessories, etc..

We usually work as a core Neurotech group searching or being spotted for satellite projects in the field of the arts, design, other technologies, education and the clinical practice. All areas that somehow need and are at the moment in need of project consultancy or collaboration in Neurotech.

After these collaborations the outcomes usually are:

→ market-ready products;
→ prototypes;
→ concepts for a tools, methods or ideas;
→ performances;
→ installations;
→ further co-labs.

We work close related to a Neuroscience Institute (Neurobios), where the neurobehavioural models underneath of all this technology are tested and our algorithms cross-checked with pools of subjects, clients and patients. Therefore, anyone from meditators, scientists, researchers, makers, entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, industry veterans, engineers, hackers, artists, philosophers, psychotherapists, neurotherapists, physicians, sound designers, product designers, fashion designers, software designers, AV artists, developers, creative open minded people can and should work with us.

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