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Reason Why

Exponencial growth in BCI

The exponential growth in the brain computer interface industry, the blossom of new types of computing and the use of new approaches in deep, representation and machine learning shapes the latest technology trends in neuroscience, where the idea is to augment our perception using directly our mental states as an input to adapt and show representations of knowledge in hybrid environments as an output, with or without an intention; many institutions and individuals are behind these “blue ocean markets” with the simply drive of profit. Considering the nature of this kind of data sources, we believe that the most important are the identity of our thoughts as singular humans being in constant transition, inside of an infinite loop of sensations, perceptions, actions and emotions.


Based in Blockchain Technology

BrAIn Commons is a collection of smart contracts based on blockchain and powered by open-source components that coordinate a decentralized ecosystem of brain data services allowing the exchange of the most valuable signals of our life, our encephalon activity recorded digitally by a specific technology. Focused in the electrophysiology of the brain, using mainly EEG, the objective is that anyone can add raw data from your brain to this secure database and according the nature of the session (context of the meta-data) could receive incentives through standard cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH; the blockchain network will guarantee the immutability of the transactions preserving the identity and ownership of your thoughts and also the accountability of all the transactions that create value using your data in a transparent and comprehensive way.


Our bold way of thinking

BrAIn Commons is a decentralized repository that implements blockchain smart-contracts to preserve the identity of the datasets acquired from any of the BCI supported by this framework. When the user share your data for their use by any of the projects associated to our network has the possibility of receive incentives in cryptocurrencies; for example, a software that need train an specific machine learning model using brain data will paid the owner to have access to the meta-data and metrics regarding the quality of the signals.

Our objective also is integrate the framework with solutions like Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET, keeping always the tracking of all the transactions executed over the data that create value for other systems; any time that your data is used will be valorized in our ecosystem. BrAIn Commons should be understood as the “Proof of Brain Activity” of the users and the transaction chain that describe the value of the data recorded.

Type of DataSets:

Proprietary Data
This is data that is controlled by a data provider/owner and is generally unique to that provider/owner

Free or “Commons” Data
This data is generally free or open for use. This type of data generally has limited restriction on its usage.