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Francisco Marques-Teixeira
CEO & Co-Founder

The concept of a quantified self given to us by sensing technology and big data is what defines my path and my persuaded goal. This source of knowledge about the human mind and the human behavior returned to the client by an immersive and interactive environment fulfills all the needs that are necessary for performance optimization and cognitive enhancement.

My experience in social, affective, cognitive and computational neuroscience and in techniques such as neuroimaging and electroencephalography applied to clinical psychology and cognitive research had gave me the roots needed to work directly with clients from sportsman to peak executives and clinical patients.

For the last five years I have been working with techie developers, geeky artists, researchers and hackers who share the same vision as mine: to link the brain to a digital medium and to the internet of things so we can enter in a transhumanism age and promote brain computer interactions as well as brain to brain communication.

My ultimate research aspiration is to understand how this new media, mainly interactivity and immersion can alter our brain and how our mind is going to adapt to this new realm of existence that is the digital world. Currently I´m the director of the division of Neurofeedback at Neurobios – Neuroscience Institute and partner at MuArts, a brain-computer-interfaces software and hardware development project.

Horácio Tomé Marques

I´m an artist with a long and established career as a designer, performer, musician, teacher (College of Music, Image and Performing Arts – ESMAE, Portugal) creative and artistic director and curator. I´m also a researcher in 3D and 2D digital image synthesis, multimedia technologies, interactivity, virtual and immersive environments.

At present I´m pursuing a Phd based on the relationship between Music, Reason and Emotion, using emergent human computer interfaces (e.g. BCI) and innovative performative arts approaches. My thesis has a dual fundamental framework: one, a scientific approach, that deals with brain-waves, synchronization, phase-lock, oscillators, driven oscillations, driven synchronization, resonance, synergy potentiation; and other, an artistic approach, where his concerns and artworks (e.g., live visuals) are anchored in the empirical processes of decoding the dynamics of the electrophysiology occurring in the brain in ecological performative arts contexts.


our major collaborations

Sofia Leite
Scientist & Dancer

I under-graduated in Clinical Psychology and completed Master studies in Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Porto, 2010. My interests then expanded to Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. From 2010 to 2013, I co-founded two projects aligned with HCI.

One related to biodata processing and aggregated analysis; the other related to art at the intersection between brain science and technology – MuArts. Here, I fully embraced being a Sagittarius, half scientist, half dancer. In 2013, I initiated PhD studies in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Development at Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, collaborating with Harvard Medical School. Currently, I am a PhD student, work as a biodata-analysis researcher at Microsoft Portugal, and do dancing and performing.

Tiago Gama Rocha
Video Producer

Digital Media. Consultant. Research. Project Manager. Communication Strategist. Team Capable. Explorer. Curious. Failed Entrepreneur. Empowering young people.

These last years were the critical path towards becoming a professional able to work with nowadays tools, with the vision to identify trends and the ability to shape tomorrows minds. I still set the high standards reinforced during my formative years, the creativity of my Fine-Arts undergraduate education, the entrepreneurial spirit of my freelance life, the accountability of my project as an educator, and the scientific rigor of my thesis.

Although I not a developer, I’m now focused on working with data and algorithms, namely its potential, limitation and implication, both in the scientific and in entrepreneurship settings. Looking to integrate innovative projects within the fields of social, mobile, real-time and data. I nurture the firm belief that today’s future is going to be built around collaboration. This strong belief is my driving force.

Kika Gonçalvez

Having a background in biological sciences with a degree in Veterinary Medicine in ICBAS – University of Porto and right now attending a Multimedia Master (Interactive music and sound design) in FEUP – University of Porto, she combines her interests in music and nature. Using interactive installations she pretends to raise aural awareness in the society, promoting environmental education and assessing the impact of noise in animal communication. Also performs as a DJ.

Ivo Teixeira
Visual Artist

Visual and new media artist, background in painting, with Master in Art and Design for Public Space at Fine Arts University of Porto, nowadays is a PhD researcher under UT Austin/Portugal program in Digital Media at University of Porto/FCT and his work explore interactive systems in audiovisual installations between the private and public space.

Fanni Fazakas
Audiovisual Artist & VR

Fanni Fazakas better known by her stage name RUMEX is an audiovisual artist and music producer. RUMEX is a classically trained musician having played the piano for twelve years and growing in a family of classical musicians. Her mission is to preserve the rich elements of classical music and integrate it into today’s popular music and performance. RUMEX graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design where she studied Media Design.

Her focus was on film techniques, generative music and visual programming. At the same time she attended imPro Budapest School of Music Technology -where she received extensive training in composing, sound designand engineering. She began with Dj-sets in different clubs like Ankert and Instant. She became interested in live performance and decided to build her own basic studio step by step. This resulted in trying out different styles of music production from moombahton to even hard style.

Her first songs were used in different commercials such as UK Football Freestyle video and CDM Hacklab documentation. In 2014 she moved to The Netherlands where she was involved in Amsterdam Dance Event via 4DSOUND as a visual artist. RUMEX generated unique visual content for Stimming, Max Cooper and Peter Kirn. She was influenced by these artist’s work and the 4D system, and produced her first EP called – Cold NL. RUMEX is also involved with a new technology of neuro and bio-feedback based music composition. She is working with Porto based MuArts guys on FindingSomethingBoundingSounding – FSBS project and travels around Europe for different hack labs and showcases.

She already performed with these interactive and experimental projects at the CTM Festival in Berlin and Umea – Scandinavia, Ljubljana – hosted by Music Tech Fest. She is currently working in Budapest, producing her next EP and a one hour long live-act performance using neuro feedback technology. RUMEX is also the project manager at the 4D sound and plans on using the brand new sound system for a live show. RUMEX integrates music production, media design and experimentation to form a unique visual and audio experience. For RUMEX the most crucial need of her being is to never stops learning and dealing with upcoming technology. She is always up for creating more professional sound design and compositions and entertain audience in an intelligent way.