amplifying the inner connecting selves

our manifesto


As the quantified self paradigm is evolving each day, monitoring the brain and tracking the mind is the core of this business bloom. By 2020 64 million health and wellness wearables would be traded globally and mind control actuators would be a reality in the near future.

The wearable tech industry (smart watches, wearable glasses, brain-computer-interfaces, the Internet of things, AR & VR) is growing each year exponentially and quantifying the self is the main goal of all these technologies and the brain is it´s main character.


The brain, a living organ, is the source of all inner dynamism. It is constantly producing energy that is manifested in electromagnetic activity. By capturing this activity in well defined functional areas, we can approach ourselves and the interior centers of experience, the interior centers of emotion, the interior centers of intention and the interior ceters of creation.

Through EEG technology – Electoencephalography, we can capture the brain electrical signals and filter, rectify, process and classify them, to understand what mental processes are associated with the kinetics of expression.


Neurofeedback is our core paradigm.

Neurofeedback is a technique of sensing and processing brain-data through different levels of abstraction in real-time and translating it into different outputs like audio, visual or actuation feedback.
Through this technique, the users have direct access to their brain and are able to show, control, transform and connect their mind’s.


We use generative art and data sonification techniques to translate the brain data into a more comprehensive feedback for the consumer.
API´s like Magenta from Google AI to generate audio and visual content assisted by TensorFlow  Machine-Learning libraries are in the core of our media research.

The more immersive is the feedback the better results there are on modulating and training the brain to actuate and for the user to have awareness of the feedback itself.
VR\AR and XR technology or immersive3D\4D sound are the best ways of giving real-time feedback of the brain activity to each of one of us and to others. Inside an immersive scenario the user stops interpreting the medium and starts becoming the medium.




There is a set of Transformational Technologies can can be used to re-connect us to ourselves. Brain-Computer-Interaction (BCI) is one of them.

Being a type of  Sensory Augmentation Technology BCI can act as an Expanding Experience Technology as it promotes more self-awareness of the user.

This trackable transformation tool allows every user to see the level of transformation that each Neurofeedback and brain mediated interactive experience have in them.


And if we could peek up that intention and translate it into a color? Which color would it be? And if we could peek up that intention and translate it into a sound? Which texture would the sound have? How can we materialize a thought? How can we materialize a pattern? A set of waves that together form a web of knowledge, a net of actions, a stream of consciousness.

Consciousness is information, so when I intend, I create information. Therefore, the intention is information per se. We do not need the action, we are already creating a realm of intention, the realm of the imaginarium.
If we do have the proper tools to translate that intention into an action out of the normal physical realm, for instance the digital one, we have the matrix.

The matrix is a universe where the psyche is the reality. Our question is: if every being is creating their own psychological reality, if all of us were feeding it to a co-created matrix, how would this collective matrix be?


The matrix is the blockchain.

Brain-data has value and needs to be protected. Therefore we built our framework under blockchain technology. Your brain-data is stored in a decentralized data-base where there is a shared-control of all the data. Every time our Machine-Learning batteries need data from our users, there is a call to each node of the network.
There is an audit trail of every brain-data recording, therefore the data is immutable. And there is a value added to every brain-data recording and processing, therefore our users can monetize their own brain-data in every exchange inside the chain. For each bit of brain-data, our users receive brainTokens.

Every time our users access a service in our neuroEcosystem there is a cost related to each neuroDB call and calculated according to the tokens attributed to any exchange and the number of exchanges necessary to that specific service.
All the data can be visualized in a neuroDashboard continuously being updated in real-time.


By capturing, processing and amplifying the electrical signals and converting them into a dual scale: one rational and one emotional, we can create a visual and an auditory representations of these inner processes that continuously emerge and seek voice.

Through training the user can manipulate consciously the rational metric to modulate their own brain and modulate external generative sound softwares like Ableton Live, Max for Live or Reaktor or generative visual softwares like Synesthesia or MadMapper.
The emotional metric can not be controlled consciously but is an indicator of the emotional engagement of the user,  that can also be used to manipulate sounds and visuals on those third-party softwares.

With this tool, the user has a direct connection to the world. The body is no longer needed to manifest the intention of the creator; the brain is the new instrument. What is there between intention and action? Will and creation? How the brain mediate all of this?


To achieve this goal we act as an R&D (Research & Development) open-innovation start-up that evolved from a spin-off from the academia.
By having strategic partnerships we are able to work under the APP-FAB-LAB model proposed by the European Commission:

APP: we are able to develop brain-data related software applications;

FAB: we are able to develop brain-data related hardware;

LAB: we are able to test our models and algorithms with pools of clients, users and patients.

Our main development partners are:

Neurobios for pool of subjects/patients and clinical and scientific validation,

WiseWare for electronics and hardware development and mass production,

As international go-to-market agents we have:

DKJ International for market research and blockchain application in the Eastern Europe and and China market, and

Stun and Awe for interactive neuromarketing and brand activation in the German market.

Arigami for wellness and wellbeing applications for the hospitality in the UK and the USA market.