amplifying the inner connecting selves

our manifesto


As the quantified self paradigm is evolving each day, monitoring the brain and tracking the mind is the core of this business bloom. By 2017, according research, scientific and market predictions, 64 million health and wellness wearables would be traded globally and mind control actuators would be a reality in the near future. The wearable tech industry (smart watches, wearable glasses, brain-computer-interfaces, the Internet of things, neurotech fashion) is growing each year exponentially and quantifying the self is the main goal of all these technologies and the brain is it´s main character.

The brain, a living organ, is the source of all this inner dynamism. It is constantly producing energy that is manifested in electromagnetic activity. By capturing this activity in well defined functional areas, we can approach ourselves and the interior centers of creation, the interior of the experience, of the objectivity that we know to exist based on a process as complex as this: create and show up. Through an EEG Neuro-headset (a dry and wireless electroencephalography device), we can capture brain electrical signals through its electrodes and filter, rectify and classify them, to understand what mental processes are associated with the kinetics of expression.

Capturing and amplifying the electrical signals and converting them into a chromatic scale, we access visual and auditory representations of these inner processes that continuously emerge and seek voice. To understand this new wave of performances and installations relating the brain with digital media or the new media forms we have to be able to explore another look into the artist performance. Now the performer has a direct connection to its audience. The body is no longer needed to manifest the intention of the creator; the brain is the new instrument. What there is between intention and action? Will and creation? How do qualia mediate all of this?

And if we could peek up that intention and translate it into a color? Which color would it be? And if we could peek up that intention and translate it into a sound? Which texture would the sound have? How can we materialize a thought? How can we materialize a pattern? A set of waves that together form a web of knowledge, a net of actions, a stream of consciousness.

Consciousness is information, so when I intend, I create information thus, the intention is information per se. We do not need the action, we are already creating a realm of intention, the realm of the imaginarium.

If we do have the proper tools to trans- late that intention into an action out of the normal physical realm, for instance the digital one, we have the matrix. The matrix is a universe where the psyche is the reality. Our question is: if every being is creating their own psychological reality, if all of us were feeding it to a co-created matrix, how would this collective matrix be?

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