Perfomative Arts – AudioVisual

An interactive audiovisual performance created by the Muarts team, the artist Ivo Teixeira and the sound designer Dj Sininho (from the Openfield Creative Lab) and the writer Tiago Salazar for the MIRA Forum artistic residency.

In this performance, a journey towards the deepest thoughts of a writer’s mind takes place on stage.
During the performance, an actor is inside a box. The box is a medium between the physical world and the digital realm. In this case in particular, the physical world is physiological and it is represented by the electromagnetic brain activity of the writer and the digital world it’s translated into the digital realm.
With state of the art technology and this innovative approach, the audience can see what is happening inside the mind of the writer in real-time, his emotional side and the prosoic side of his writings. The writer does not need to use a pencil anymore; he just has to think to write his thoughts in the cube’s walls.

Now the writer can no longer fake. He is exposed inside the box. An audiovisual interactive performance where a novelist projects his thoughts into a cube and writes a story. The writer can no longer use his mask because his mind is being exposed.


Technically, we have used an EEG Emotiv Epoc headset and a prototype application named #FindingSomethingBondingSound (developed by our team) to acquire and translate the brain data; trigger the phrases located in a MaxMSP jitter patch and the sounds located in the Ableton Live music production software. The phrases projected were controlled by the mind according to a MaxMSP “concentration/meditation algorithm” (developed by our team). The sound and light projected were controlled by the mind according to a MaxMSP “engagement algorithm” (developed by our team). The phrases and the light were projected in a 2 meters cube covered with a transparent tulle. We used two small projectors, one with 4500 lumens, other with 2000 lumens and a normal Stereo PA for this project.

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