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LAB is an emerging project that aims to act as a space of articulation between Ancient Wisdom (represented by GAYA Immersions ) and Contemporary Technology (represented by MuArts ) to expand concepts and practices focused on amplifying consciousness.

GAYA Immersions is a plataform of experiences sustained in 3 vectors: Healing, Education and Empowerment. By protecting Ancient Traditions and keeping their techniques alive we are remembering where we’re coming from and allowing ourselves to heal and to achieve higher states of consciousness.

On this process the company is committed to amplify awareness and re.educate minds with projects, events and experiences of self-growing and mutual empowerment.


At Lab we create experiences where digital sound, image and brainwave entrainment are fused with Ancient Practices as Mindfulness,Yoga and Sacred Rituals of Shamanism to create an immersive state and deeper knowledge of what is unseen to our eyes.

The benefits of these experiences go beyond the physical sphere, but affect the sensory field of each participant, allowing the amplification of consciousness and general well-being happen at the end of each experiment.
In addition to classes (weekly in Lisbon and occasional in festivals and private events) we create tailormade retreats.

The retreats are a pairing up of Neuroscience, Yoga and Meditation, that we will guide you through a journey where you can take care of your Mind and reshape it. Where you can understand and feel the power of your own body by challenging yourself and overcoming our limits. Where your Soul will be nurtured and “seen”. We tailed a complete and symbiotic interaction bringing the ancient Eastern wisdom & traditions and the modern approach and developments of Western technology.
Throughout this retreat we will promote a journey through the main characters of our existence: the physical body and the mind.


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