Vision Quest

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Vision Quest is a trans-seasonal menswear couture collection of 5 looks, designed by Joanna Hir in collaboration with ElektroCouture, the world’s first agency to pioneer bespoke innovative electronic wearable technology for the fashion industry.

The leading theme of the collection is “enlightenment”. Light technology on each piece created with glowing print, El Wires, EL panels and LED Matrix board, symbolises spiritual awaking, intellectual growth, evolution and progress. Each piece in the collection is enhanced by different technology. The accessories are created in collaboration with MuArts, , a braincomputer-interface software and hardware development company linking braintech with concept design and prototyping for the media and the arts.

Both head piece and earrings use EEG technology, capturing and providing user with the information about brain data. Neurofeedback, allows the user to be conscious of their mental state in the real time, predict, control and manage brain states. The tech installed on both pieces was programmed to activate by brain activity (focus) and change modes of the light, depending on the user’s concentration level. For example : to flash when the user is more concentrated and to be steady, when the user is more calm. This technology allows people to track their brain states and understand, what external stimuli is “changing” them or which triggers are making them more activated or less engaged. It is also a way of showing, what is happening inside users mind, extremely useful for people with the communication issues (for example autistic children).

Inspired by the movement called enlightenment engineering, the headpiece aims to enhance human potential and heal some aspects of human psyche with the help of wearable technology, for example : reduce anxiety, depression or increase focus or relaxation.

Moreover, it allows the user to control all the tech on the body and in the space around them (light, sounds, robotics) , with the focus of their mind. Combined with technology, traditional tailoring techniques and luxury fabrics, the collection offers modern occasion-wear with elements of tech-wear for men.

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